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Design Brief

In my free time, I like to let my creativity flow and make whatever little things come to mind. This product was something I came up with as a fun, novelty item that I could see being sold to a wide variety of consumers.



A luxury pen doesn't deserve to sit in a draw, it should be on display.

Design an aesthetically pleasing and functional display for a writing tool of the consumers choosing.

Market Research

Single Pen Display

Pen displays are not a new invention, they come in many forms. Some being simple acrylic displays while others are more intricate models showcasing the pen in style.

The prices of pen displays widely vary based on the materials and manufacturing processes. A simple acrylic pen holder ranges from $2-10, a wood display will cost anywhere from $5-80, and metal statue display is around $10-150+




To take this concept from an idea in my head and drawings on a page to a physical model, my next step was to model it in Solidworks. Most of the features on this model were made using the extrusion tool as well as some drafting.

Next, I 3D printed the assembly in two parts. The base was able to print without supports but because of the overhang of the top part I positioned it on its side and generated a small support structure. I made holes in the top and small dowels on the poles so the structure could be easily attached making it look like a seamless print.


Pen holder.65.jpg
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