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Year 2, Second Semester, 12 week project

Design Brief

All successful brands have a clear brand language that is displayed across their range of products. As a designer, imitating your companies brand language across any product line is an important and necessary skill to have.



Choose a brand with a clear brand language and design a product that they don't currently manufacture.

Design a smart water bottle based on the visual brand language of the kitchen appliance company Ninja.

Brand Research

"Power to the Kitchen."

Brand Identity




Brand Materials


Brand Form Factor


"Drinking a gallon of water is something I try to do everyday, but it is easy to get sidetracked and forget about my goal"

- Blake 28


ninja ideation 5.jpg

Concept Features

  Tracks daily water consumption
  Send reminders throughout the day
  Wireless charging for base
  Reduces single-use plastic bottles

Battery Indicator

Removable lid with rubber seal

High Density 

Weight sensor tracks water level


▀ Smart

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