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Industrial Design Intern, June 2021 - Aug. 2022


Fixture Gaming is a start up company founded by Austin Stark, his mission is to create products that people love. The company is built around his product called the Fixture S1, an innovative solution for the most ergonomic playing experience with a Nintendo switch in portable mode. When I started at Fixture Gaming, it was intended to be a summer internship. After I showed Austin what I was capable of, I was offered to continue working for him indefinitely. Over the course of a year, I learned a lot of valuable skills. I learned what it takes to start your own business, how to deal with manufacturing issues related to injection molding, how important it is to design an experience that users love, and much more. I improved my CAD skills, my rendering techniques, my graphic design skills, my interpersonal abilities, package design and dielines, and learned a lot about 3D printing. 


One of my first tasks as an intern was to figure out a way to customize our product for promotions and sending thank you products to influencers. I cam up with the idea of making 'skins' for our product. I measured the Fixture S1 and made an illustrator template, then made a graphic design. Next, I would print the skin template on vinyl sticker paper and insert it into the Cricut cutter where the path was cut, making a sticker or 'skin.'


Making high quality renders and animations to promote our product was an important part of the job, especially when a new product was released.

Trade Show 

Getting your brand and product out there is an important part of having a new company. One of the ways we did this at Fixture Gaming was going to gaming conventions/trade shows. Preparing for trade shows is a lot of work, my tasks involved making mockups for our booth, creating a giant version of the Fixture S1 with a screen to draw people to the booth, creating price sheets and promo cards, and more.

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