Cords in a work space can provide an unnecessary distraction and be a hassle to travel with


Design a cord organizer solution that is portable, modular and efficient

"The physical environment of the workplace has a significant effect on the way that we work. When our space is a mess, so are we."

-Harvard Business Review




A college design student that aspires to become a more organized and efficient worker

A high school teacher constantly traveling between home, work, and coffee shops with his laptop and accessories




Initial ideation

I wanted to develop an internal mechanism where the compartment would open with a spinning movement


I used PVC with two sweeping cuts to develop the concept and then covered it with a larger diameter pipe to hide the mechanism

mechanism 1 sketch2.tif

Second Stage

To future develop this concept and understand it better, I started stacking them on the outside of the PVC pipe. I made it with one cut that swept 50% of the perimeter of the mechanism

Finalized Mechanism

Proof of Concept

Materials and Features

I developed my final concept by 3D printing the entire artifact and simply assembling the pieces. The models uses springs between each layer so the compartment stays closed from compression until spun open.

Another useful feature of this product other than cord organization/shortening is the ability to store earbuds to ensure they don't become a tangled mess at the bottom of your backpack